Product Features:

  •  Silk satin lining with gold Dasmarca foil print
  • 15mm circular gloss black metal badge for authenticity
  • Separately attached groisgrain band
  • 4.5 cm wide brim (raw cut edge)
  • Centre dent, asymmetrical crown
  • Material: 100% merino wool felt
  • Country of origin: England (hand made in Oxfordshire)
  • Black leather sweatband with gold thumb stamp of the designer as the signature.
  • Limited edition of 100
  • Each hat is packed inside clear plastic bag then it is wrapped in customised Dasmarca logo printed tissue papers before packed inside the hat box.  The hat box is then packed inside cardboard box for postage.

If fashion is a type of communication, a hat is its distinguishing accent; a fashion accessory suggesting one’s status, personality and lifestyle at a glance. A symbol of culture, politics and society, the hat remains one of history’s most telling accessories.

The brainchild of Indian-born, London-bred designer Bidyut Das, Dasmarca toasts to the traditional styles of yore through a revitalisation of the urban chic. Drawing from the rich history of British hat-wearing, Das’s designs celebrate the significance of past social trends in the shaping of a new perspective on fashion and design. London, his muse, breathes life into each design. “Every area in London has its own character”, he describes. “Each community lives harmoniously, separately, yet together they make up this beautiful, complex place.”
In a new collaboration with leading photographer Dean Chalkley, fashion stylist Mark Anthony Bradley and model casting guru Amanda Ashed, Dasmarca launches its inaugural The London Postcode Collection, drawing from the intellectual, industrial and creative energies of five of London’s historical areas. Representing spaces personal to Dasmarca, the collection celebrates the offbeat elegance of urban lifestyle culture across the ages. The industry of Shoreditch, intellectualism of Bloomsbury, businessman of Soho, broadcaster of Chelsea, labourer of Knightsbridge – each of these distinct boroughs comprised a unique demographic of city dwellers whose pastiche made up the eclectic city. Inspired by five iconic hat styles marking each of these areas, The London Postcode Collection represents the social, professional and cultural categories interspersed throughout 20th century London.

With each style consisting of only 100 embossed and numbered editions, each handmade in England by artisans in Oxfordshire, The London Postcode Collection creates a community of like-minded wearers both on the streets and through singular Instagram hashtags for each borough. It is a silent storyteller hinting at the elegant quirkiness of London at its finest, through its age old love affair with hats.

DASMARCA – designed in London, defined by you!

Join the #Shoreditch_E2, be part of the community through this hat.  Find out who are the other 99 people who bought this hat. 

Dasmarca  Established by Bidyut Das in 2011, Dasmarca was inspired by a mix of extravagance and elegance of English heritage. Using a template of timeless designs with a twist, Dasmarca uses the highest quality fabrics to make a powerful fashion statement.
Born in India, Das immigrated to London with his family in 1990. He studied textile design at Central Saint Martins and received his MA in fashion design from the Royal College of Art. Das worked for leading fashion designers Russell Sage and Orla Kiely before relocating to New York City to fill the position as lead hat designer for Kangol and Bailey of Hollywood. Dasmarca was born soon after his return to London in 2010.

Dean Chalkley  Dean Chalkley is a prolific, award winning photographer and filmmaker based in London. Renowned for his iconic portraiture, Dean has shot many memorable magazine covers, record sleeves, advertising and fashion campaigns. His imagery reflects a love for both sub and popular culture celebrating the individuals and personalities within them, as in the seminal exhibition and book Return of The Rudeboy. Dean’s work has been exhibited in galleries and venues nationally and internationally including Somerset House, The V&A, The Turner Contemporary, The Royal Albert Hall, La Foret Museum in Japan and also features in the permanent MoMA Collection.

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Small(54cm-55cm), Medium(56cm-57cm), Large(58cm-59cm), Ex Large(60cm-61cm)


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